About us

Natural Lawns was brought about by a desire to create beautiful lawns and gardens to complement your home and lifestyle. We’ll work with you to understand your needs, and provide you with a friendly, reliable service from start to finish.

  • The Owner

    Tim has over 20 years experience in the turf and landscaping industry, following in his father’s footsteps. Installing new lawns and wild flower meadows gives him a daily sense of achievement - knowing that what he's created will be enjoyed for many years to come.

    When not laying lawns, Tim is generally found down by the coast with his young family. An outdoors man, he enjoys being in, on or around the sea.

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Tips & Advice

  • Caring for your new lawn

    Water your new lawn in the morning and evening as watering in the hot sun may cause scorching to occur. It is important to keep off your new lawn where possible for the first few weeks while the roots take hold - if you do have to walk on it, tread carefully or use a plank. In warmer months, you will need to mow your lawn after 2-3 weeks. Do not cut the grass too short in its first season - you should let it establish and lower the blade a little more each subsequent mow.

  • Maintaining your wild flower meadow

    During establishment it will need to be watered regularly. Weeding should not be necessary if wild flower turf has been laid due to the weed blanket affect of the turf, and once established, it requires very little maintenance. It will not require fertilising, and can just be cut once a year in the autumn. The emergence of flowers and the type of plants that flower will vary from year to year according to temperature, moisture and available nutrients.

  • Lawns in heavy shade

    Grass tends to not like heavily shaded areas and will struggle to grow tall like it does when in full sun. You should cut the grass longer, but just as frequently, and also help the shaded grass by feeding it more regularly. In the worst areas, you may need to re-turf, or we can help you find an alternative to natural lawn.